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Signal was set up for a post 30-second marketing world. 30 seconds is of course the generic time span for a TV-ad. For most, a “post 30-second world” means that TV advertising, designed to interrupt your linear viewing and force you to watch it before your programme resumed, is no longer relevant.

But here’s a perspective from creative ad guru Trevor Beattie that says it’s the 30-second duration that is no longer relevant, not just the delivery mechanism of an interruptive TV ad. He argues we not only have to accept the falling attention span of modern media consumers, but actually embrace impatience:

Trevor Beattie on embracing impatience

Signal uses Twitter’s Vine (6-second video vignettes) as a channel for a number of our clients – recognising it as a great discipline to have to express a message in such a short space of time. BMB’s Beattie argues that five seconds is the optimum discipline and that the best creative ideas should be capable of being expressed in that time, or they’re just not that good.

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