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3rd October 2014

Are you an ad agency or what?

An aggressive sort of question. But one that Signalyard faces frequently. And to be fair, it’s not a bad question. What does an ad agency do nowadays? The good ones provide a level of technical expertise that can be hard to replicate in-house. They know the consumer and understand ways to engage them. They know…

9th November 2013

Branding as marketing content

Content is marketing. That’s pretty much a given (at least for those reading this blog). But do we really make full use of marketing as content? Particularly if you take the very definition of a brand, and say that’s content. I’ve just finished developing a brand book for a client. The client is a start-up….

3rd May 2013

Tapas Comms

Signal was set up for a post 30-second marketing world. 30 seconds is of course the generic time span for a TV-ad. For most, a “post 30-second world” means that TV advertising, designed to interrupt your linear viewing and force you to watch it before your programme resumed, is no longer relevant. But here’s a…