Branding as marketing content

Content is marketing. That’s pretty much a given (at least for those reading this blog). But do we really make full use of marketing as content? Particularly if you take the very definition of a brand, and say that’s content.

I’ve just finished developing a brand book for a client. The client is a start-up. They’re pretty forward-looking by developing the brand book before the brand even launches in Beta. But of course it’s never too early to start capturing your story and presenting it in a way that makes the whole brand truly authentic. The brand book is now going to those writing the code as well as those writing the content marketing. As a result the whole customer experience will seem more authentic from the outset. The whole, dispersed, launch team all get the story.

The next stage is to make the brand book itself part of the launch marketing and comms. This is possible because the brand book has been written as a story. You can sit down and read it. When complete, there’ll be animation, video, pictures. It’s been developed as a piece of content, so that people read it to get the brand. The first people who read it will be the marketers, developers and staff who work on the launch. But then customers. Reviewers. Business writers.

In this way the marketing handbook developed for those who work inside the business is largely identical to the communications aimed at customers outside the business. When both ends of the customer service chain have the same understanding of the brand, so everyone is empowered to act to improve it. Shop floor staff can resolve problems themselves, customers can be confident in recommending the brand to their friends. We’re not all struggling to interpret a piece of business strategy waffle, we’re all reading the same story, and enjoying what it (the brand) means to us.

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