3rd October 2014

Are you an ad agency or what?

An aggressive sort of question. But one that Signalyard faces frequently. And to be fair, it’s not a bad question. What does an ad agency do nowadays? The good ones provide a level of technical expertise that can be hard to replicate in-house. They know the consumer and understand ways to engage them. They know…

26th September 2014

Making SEO simple again

If search engines are the gateway to the web (they are) then SEO – the trick of getting your brand to the top of natural search results –is the key to the gates. Trouble is, for a while search engine optimisation became more and more of a dark art. That is until recently. In the…

14th May 2014

A reminder why brands want to reach cyclists

By James Hamilton We work hard at SignalYard but when the opportunity arises we go for a ride. Sometimes it gives you time to think, other times a chance to clear the lungs and get fresh air. In this case, it was a great reminder of just why so many advertisers want to talk to…

13th January 2014

Marketing cyclists

By Neil Morris Cyclists are cool, intelligent and generous. And that’s official. This might all sound like a bit of spin – marketing cyclists as the new celebrities. But it comes from research commissioned by the British Heart Foundation. The Implicit Association Test examined people’s subconscious attitudes towards different sports. And it found cyclists are…

9th November 2013

Branding as marketing content

Content is marketing. That’s pretty much a given (at least for those reading this blog). But do we really make full use of marketing as content? Particularly if you take the very definition of a brand, and say that’s content. I’ve just finished developing a brand book for a client. The client is a start-up….

20th October 2013

Bespoked Bristol cycles to London

Bespoked Bristol established itself as the greatest handmade bicycle show in Europe. It became the place to drool over beautiful steel creations and wallow in what it took to design the perfect bike. Personally, I loved the event and what it stood for. And all the bike brands who exhibited there who I know seemed…

5th September 2013

Cycling is the New Golf #2

Further evidence that the business deals done in the past on the golf course are now being done on bikes. Planning this week’s mega-deal between Vodafone and Verizon took place as much in the saddle as in the boardroom. The final price was agreed by the two CEOs, Vittorio Colao of Vodafone and Lowell McAdam…

4th July 2013

Marketing is the new news

Speed of reaction is becoming as important for sports brands as it is for athletes. Running brands and other sports marketers have been amongst the leaders in a ‘real-time marketing’ trend over the past three years for brands to act more like newsrooms. Gatorade was one of the first. Their Mission Control Center was set…