10th May 2013

Marketing running takes a stride forward

The line between devising a new product (or service) and marketing it has become increasingly fuzzy in recent years. Nowhere is that more apparent than in digital products and services, where what the customer gets is downloadable, shareable, promoted through discussions and social media. But even in tangible products, marketing needs to feature earlier and…

8th May 2013

New new kit for cyclists

Let’s face it. Plenty of us cyclists love a new piece of kit. It seems half the people I ride with start most sentences with “have you see the new …”. So I shouldn’t be surprised when my post last week about Cycling Innovation got quite a few responses talking about other favourite improvements on…

3rd May 2013

Tapas Comms

Signal was set up for a post 30-second marketing world. 30 seconds is of course the generic time span for a TV-ad. For most, a “post 30-second world” means that TV advertising, designed to interrupt your linear viewing and force you to watch it before your programme resumed, is no longer relevant. But here’s a…

2nd May 2013

Trading Guns for Bikes

It’s a brilliant idea. Take guns off the street and replace them with bikes. Uruguay rates 9th in the world for the number of guns per capita. With a population of just 3.3 million, there are more than a million guns – half of those unregistered. Under the Uruguayan Interior Ministry’s “Weapons for Life” campaign, residents…

1st May 2013

Cycling Innovation

Kickstarter was the original crowd-funding platform. It brought consumers, funding and publicity to thousands of tech projects in its early days. So it’s hardly surprising that some brilliant (and some pretty left-field) cycling innovations are now finding their way onto the market thanks to the spotlight and funding Kickstarter has brought to creative new ideas….