We deliver growth: by helping companies find and engage customers through their passions. We call it passion-centric marketing.

Our passions are the outdoor active sector: cycling; running; triathlon; skiing; water sports; climbing. We don’t just work for sports brands, but everything we do uses the language of those sports to engage people who are passionate about them.


How we work



Signalyard combines consultancy and agency. We identify and then deliver the marketing activity that results in real growth for our clients. To do this, we’ve built a team with expertise in strategy, search, PR, media, social and content marketing.

We’re not your standard marketing agency. Think of us more like an outsourced member of your marketing department, working part-time for you, providing flexible access to experienced marketers but at a fraction of the cost of an employee or a normal marketing agency.

We plan and execute marketing strategy alongside our clients. We’ll come up with the ideas, develop the techniques, test each approach and learn what will work. Sometimes we produce the content, sometimes we’ll work with you so that you learn how to do so yourselves.

We don’t churn out standard advertising. We build extraordinary communications, drawing on a whole variety of channels. Because that’s how to engage your consumers.



A few of our clients